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From: Santosh Mali 

Hey Smart Marketer & Online Business Owner,

If you are one brand new affiliate marketer just started out online to make some extra money from home OR one of those marketers who have been struggling trying to earn a decent income online, then this will be the MOST important letter you'll ever read...

Because we're going to show you how affiliates are losing $1,000 of real dollars online and how can you STOP it, even if you're a complete beginner.

First, my name is Santosh Mali and I am from India. I am doing my affiliate business since 2012. So I am also an affiliate marketer like you having sound experience about affiliate marketing pro and cons.

But I am not going to bore you telling how it's work and all blah..blah...

So lets move forward and come to the point... 

The Biggest Challenge in Affiliate Marketing and How to Go Beyond, Today!

Millions of affiliate marketers are working hard, investing time and money, promoting their websites in order to sell a product or service and receive pennies as commissions.

At the same time, many businesses seem to be conspiring against these same affiliates, who are the ones making the sales a real possibility.

So, what is wrong?

Traditional affiliate marketing is full of flaws and business owners are making the most of them.

Understanding the Flaw

Let’s understand the problem itself.

Business owners generally sell cheap products, between $30 and $50, in front-end while high-priced products, between $1,000 and $10,000, are being sold in the back-end.

stop getting penniesNow, most of these businesses only pay commissions for front-end sales, tricking the system and leaving affiliates behind when it comes to the big, highly-profitable back-end transactions.

Here is where the biggest problem of today’s affiliate marketing resides. Honest, hard-working affiliates really deserve this?

Very few affiliate marketers know the truth and business owners are not willing to share this information with everybody, simply because their profits may suffer.

One eBook to Solve the Problem

"Want More Affiliate Commissions?" eBook is a serious, highly professional eBook that is based on multiple years of experience and comprehensive research about a dramatic problem that is affecting millions of affiliate marketers worldwide.

In Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook, I will show you how ordinary affiliate marketers are losing thousands of dollars without even noticing it, everything while business owners are taking advantage of these same affiliates.

The current affiliate business model doesn't work as you desire, as you will discover. But there are ways.

Traditional affiliate marketing is, as you can learn in Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook, seriously flawed because of the low price point, low commissions, and restrictions on back-end sales.

Knowing the Solution

The main goal of Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook, besides exposing the massive flaw that the actual business model in affiliate marketing has, is to explain you how to fight back and profit from the transactions that are really worth your time and effort.

Knowing the solutionThere is a solution and Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook has it.

With many years of experience in this industry, I have figured out a solution for this serious obstacle in How Affiliates Are Losing Money eBook. 

Millions of online entrepreneurs out there are investing plenty of resources in affiliate marketing without knowing that business owners are not paying the fair commissions, they ones they really earned with their work and effort.

For you as an affiliate, this is not a favorable situation to be in. But with in-depth research, we finally have a sustainable, long-lasting solution, one that will allow you to success in this business.

Go Beyond and Earn What You Deserve

Get your copy of Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook today and start applying proven techniques to go beyond the dishonest boundaries that some business owners are placing for affiliates.

This superb eBook includes not only a definitive solution to this terrible problem but also a lot of research that will allow you to boost all your affiliate marketing efforts, reach a wider audience, get more conversions, and make the most from each sale.

Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook is an exceptional resource for all affiliate marketers, home business seekers, and full-time entrepreneurs that are determined to make great profits from this fantastic activity.

It Is Time to Take Decision

Ok, so at this point you are very exciting to know how you are losing and leaving thousands of dollars back on the table. And you want more affiliate commissions. 

But at the same time you might be worry about how much will this eBook cost you. This Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook is worth $1000.

Off-course the secret solution you will discover in this eBook is well worth of $10,000 and when you apply the solution, you will be able to make thousands of dollars in extra income for same efforts you are currently undergoing.

But I am not going to charge you $1000 or not even $500.

OK, so $197?

Definitely not!

Normally I charge $49.95 for Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook.

People are happy paying $49.95 only one time investment for this eBook. 

But wait...!

I want to help maximum numbers of newbies and intermediate affiliate marketers and home business owners who want to make more money from home by using affiliate marketing.

For this purpose I have decided to allow some discount on original price of $49.95 to help maximum numbers of my dear friends like you.

So here is your 20% discount!

Get this How Affiliates Are Losing Money eBook for only $39.96 discounted price before I choose to remove that discount.

Buy Now for only $49.95 $39.96 today!


Why there is so low price if there is great value?

Hey, good question, huh!

Well, when I first started my affiliate marketing journey online in 2012, things were not working for me. I have had tried almost every online work, form filling, PTC, work from home jobs, micro jobs and things goes up and up.

But none of them worked as I wanted and wasted thousands of dollars for those things to work for me. And you know what it is feel like when you not make any money by investing your hard-earned real money.

One day I realized that I am losing and leaving back thousands of dollars on the table in affiliate marketing that I supposed to get back ASAP without bearing further loss.

And my re-search to overcome this issue, lead me to create this Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook.

A solution that I have discovered is working great for me and I don’t want your extra money.

I could offer this for FREE of cost.

But there is one major problem with FREE stuff.

People don’t take free or low value $10 or $15 products seriously and products left in their hard-drive collecting dust.

I don’t want this to be happened with my efforts and times spend!

So there is a small charge of $39.96 applied to reminding you need to be actionable.

Buy Now for only $49.95 $39.96 today!

Buy Now

I also covered it with 60 days 100% money back guarantee!

Money Back GuaranteeIf you follow what is covered in this eBook, I am sure you will double or triple your online income for whatever efforts you are taking currently.

But if you followed the exact steps explained in this guide and still not getting any results, you can ask for 100% refunds and without any questions asked we will refunds your money back.

So there is no loss to you!

Who can purchase this eBook?

  • Buy with confident, if you are an affiliate marketer.
  • All affiliate marketers and home business owners who want to increase their commission level and earn more income online for the same efforts you are making for marketing and advertising.
  • Importantly, only action takers who believe there is no money without action.


  • You are one of the so called GURU’s.
  • You don’t want to follow and don’t want to take actions.
  • You are one of that serial refunder.

By the way, you are 100% protected.


So along with your secret solutions here are some FREE bonuses for action takers only who wants to speed up the process. 

#1 Traffic Generation Club: Normally I charge $27 for joining, today FREE for You!

Traffic generation club bonus

#2 Affiliate Profit Club: Normally I charge $27 for joining, today FREE for You!

Affiliate profit club bonus

#3 Free Webinar!

Click on the button below to download Want More Affiliate Commissions? eBook before the discounted price is removed!

Buy Now for only $49.95 $39.96 today!

Buy Now

You will get instant access to your download once payment done is approved and confirmed. 

If you have any doubt or have any question, just hit the contact link located at the bottom. Or you can simply send me IM on Skype ID- skmali82.

Hope to see you inside, working together!

To Your Success! 

Santosh Mali

~ Santosh Mali


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